Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates is regarded as one of the pioneer office for the protection and enforcement of patent & trademark and providing in large range of expertise assistance in all matters respecting intellectual property laws therefore which we protect all aspect of creativity. Patent laws confers an exclusive right of exploitation upon inventors preventing the market of rival products or process utilizing the patented invention. Trademark law protect procedures or traders’ efforts to distinguish their goods or services from others. Copyright law protects the creativity of the other artists, computer programmer and creators in music and entertainment industries. Industrial designs may be protected by registration.

Where the registration of expert work give rise to a protection against the piracy, imitation, copying and resembled work in the market where you have invested your time as well as your hard earnest amount of your whole life, you should not leave any loop whole to enter into your quilt without paying and spending wet or wealth. Registration of Trade Mark, patent and copyright is a protection of the goods produced, invented by any trader or producer to which he exclusively enjoys in the market. Infringement and piracy are remedied in accordance with the law. Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants is providing the competitive expert services at our offices established inside the emirates & also worldwide for the registration and enforcement of the intellectual property laws under the patronage of our learned lawyers.

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