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Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants [OZLECO] is providing comprehensive legal services in the United Arab Emirates for over the last 23 years to help you and to solve your problems in a better way & thereby fulfilling your targets, expectations and strategic business objectives. Our Objective is to maintain effective attorney- client relationship & there by increasing our reputation. We look forward to fulfil our objective in each & every transaction, whether it is large or small or wherever in the world.

Our goal is not to finish a particular task. But we give prior importance for a long-term relationship with the clients & also timely completion of the job is our policy. It is not enough to make the job good, but to make excellence in doing the work. Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants always go for excellence in the work done. Our motto is Providing Legal services through commitment and dedication..

Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants was founded in the year 1999 to provide effective, efficient and creative legal services to meet the distinctive needs of our valuable clients. It is a full-time law firm with a strong focus on UAE Laws. Our philosophy is to provide legal advice and legal representation that allows our valuable clients to achieve their goals while minimizing legal risk. Our firm represents a wide range of clients – Governments, semi-governments, corporate & retail. Our practical knowledge and rich experiences allow us to provide comprehensive legal services to our retail & corporate clients.

At Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants, Teamwork is highly valued because we understand that the power of cooperation is much stronger than fighting alone. Based on the principles of practice area specialization and complementary advantages, we assign professionals who are the most experienced in the related fields to each case. A working group lead by the most appropriate personnel is established for each case to ensure that the client receives customized response to their needs.

Al Obaidli & Al Zarooni Advocates & Legal Consultants have their head office in the Emirate of Dubai and maintains offices in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah. Our professionals work seamlessly across different offices to provide prompt, comprehensive and consistent services to our clients.

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  • 1- Close cooperation among legal professionals.

  • 2- Thorough comprehension of UAE Law and administrative practice, to the extent of not only knowing the results, but also understanding the reasons behind the results.

  • 3- Emphasis on truly understanding clients’ problems and finding practical solutions to achieving clients’ goals.

  • 4- Attention to details and pursuit of perfection.

  • 5- Comprehensive and accurate information collection through our broad network.

  • 6- Strong tenacity in overcoming difficult problems and new challenges.

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